The Felicity Jones Effect.

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Reclining into the cinema seating, I feel like an anomaly. Whilst I laughed, melted and fought the urge to applaud vehemently as Eddie Redmayne perfectly portrays Stephen Hawking, I couldn't quite take my attention off Felicity Jones. To me, The Theory of Everything was a fitting title - her hair, her outfits, were everything. 

Ms Jones is the perfect embodiment of an English Rose, blessed with luminous skin and a Midsummer-Nights-Dream-worthy bone structure, she has single handedly inspired all and any of this season's beauty endeavours. With the vibrant electricity of the 70's striding back into this season, Felicity's portrayal of Jane Hawking particularly in the 60's and 70's left me dropping handfuls of popcorn down my shirt after losing any train of thought. Her brunette locks, chopped just above her slender collarbones, look effortless and full of volume whether down or coifed up, she's living the American Dream. At one point, she Accessorises by tying a silk scarf across her hairline and securing it at the nape of the neck, it's a look that can take any outfit from basic to bravo.

The Theory of Everything aside, being herself at a New York luncheon, adorned with glowing skin, a flutter of eyeliner and lustrous lashes she embodied the timeless beauty that Audrey Hepburn founded, she was breathtaking. Just by using a simple combination of beauty staples, Felicity has reignited our passion for light, fresh skin that's achievable even the morning after margaritas. That, is everything.

Keep the brows light, perhaps opt for a pencil rather than brushing powder which could create too chunky a look. Soap and Glory's Archery (having a darker brow I use 'brownie points' is the perfect choice, giving you a look you can build upon.  Working down to the eyes, Sin by Urban Decay offers a light shimmer on the lid that can then be defined by Lancôme's Hypnose eyeliner in shade Noir. Arguably the most component of the entire look, fluttering lashes are vital - brush through Lancôme's Hypnose Doll Eyes mascara for elongated and defined lashes, but not before adding an extra lift with eyelash curlers. If you're wanting to take this look for, day tonight, fake lashes can be just what you need, double layered lashes give definition without appearing clumpy, ruining the elegance of the entire look.

To mimic radiant skin, there's only one man I could turn to: Giorgio Armani. More specifically, his Luminous Silk Foundation. Offering light coverage, it can be layered to achieve as heavy a look as you need whilst still keeping a healthy glow. This entire look relies on having no overpowering features, so keep blush to a minimum, perhaps adding a dusting of peachy tones across the apples of your cheeks. A high street brand with lower pigmentation would be ideal.
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