Don't want none unless you got Brioche Buns, hun

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Apparently you can't keep a good girl - or a hungry one - down.

For an entire week I've been burgering (definition: (v) eating every burger across the City that's crossed my path without guilt) and when I revisited Boston Tea Party, I prayed that a burger was on the menu before I even entered their treat-filled establishment.

My prayers were answered. And then some. 

Admittedly, choosing their Portobello Mushroom Burger was a healthy alternative to the cheese and bacon-laden monstrosities I've been devouring recently, but once a glossy brioche bun filled with juicy tomato, a succulent mushroom and crisp battered courgette - I knew I'd made the right choice. Being buried by homemade slaw and slimline fries (tantalisingly salty - just how I like them) threatened to explode my tastebuds. 

But as much as the angel of the shoulder was satisfied with the Portobello food baby she was currently nursing, the devil couldn't stop eyeing up the cheese burger on the menu. Or my best friend's Mac N' Cheese. 

I suppose another few visits couldn't hurt. 

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