Birmingham Eats #2

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As plates of steaming Sweet Potato wedges, glistening dough balls and nachos - smothered in melting cheese, thick guacamole, sour cream and tangy salsa - arrived at our table, I officially declared casual Saturdays the new black. Sitting at a rustic wooden bench where sunlight is streaming through the balcony doors, Alfie Birds' mixture of industrial-chic and kitsch eccentricity is a vibrant wake up call - that has to be followed by a post-food-baby nap.

The open space of the building is refreshing, the tables aren't so crammed together that you get judging looks for Instagramming your lunch, whilst the upbeat mixture of music overhead makes everyone too occupied wiggling away in they chairs to even notice in the first place.

Their menu, full of fresh pizzas with delicious toppings that break away from the old ways of the traditional margarita, just show how passionate and creative they are with their food (send my compliments to the Chef), burgers, salads, ALL CUSTARD PUDDINGS. There is far too much choice for a few girls on a casual Saturday - so we opted for a multitude of sides. As we sat on the bench gazing at the delicacies in front of us, I couldn't help but feel as if I was at a gourmet picnic - but with better music and a telephone-box-come-photobooth hiding away downstairs. The Sweet Potato wedges were divine, crisp yet fluffy, and served with a sweet chilli dip that had a proper kick to it. The Garlic dough balls were, well, doughy and soft and gooey and served with a cream cheese dip and salad. The nachos were drowning in dips, and I like to think that I saved them.

What makes Alfie Birds different, apart from their entire exposed brickwork and gorgeous Custard Factory views, is that everything is worthwhile. The staff, are genuinely warm and welcoming. The interior is fresh and inviting. The music is so feel-good, I was still high on endorphins and sweet potato as I left. And most importantly, everything we were served was divine - the dips weren't bland, tasteless commodities, everything on those plates were to smother and suffocate the food with spice and texture, good Lord even the salad dressing had me weak at the knees.

I like to think of Alfie Birds as the living embodiment of the popular girls at high school, everyone wants to be seen there/with them, and mainly, they're dead cheap.

I'll be coming back for seconds Alfie...and thirds and fourths.
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