Who ate all the cake?

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After a few stress-induced weeks (str-essays, bridesmaid dress fittings, entertaining my family whilst I'm at home...) I thought it was only fair on all the food-enthusisasts and greedy gits of the world got to see the reason why Bambi Eyed has been so quiet. On April 12th I had the honour of cinching on a beautiful navy and pastel silk dress, walk with a stunning bouquet, and watch my best friends get married. They also happen to be my sister, and now, my brother-in-law. But who wants to see dresses and hair-dos? You guys are always here for the cake.

Thick slabs of moist chocolate, lemon and vanilla layers of sponge smothered in icing commanded the attention of the wedding party as soon as it was revealed - and true to my sister's word, it was glittery. Whilst there's the age old stigma of wedding fruitcakes with marzipan thicker than your Great Aunt's eye-makeup or your Great Uncle's combover, the gooey-brownie consistency of the cake was borderline orgasmic.

I know we're encouraged to look beyond image in life...but the handcrafted, delicate petals of the peony-esque decoration adorning the flawless pastel pink icing? It was a heartbreaking moment to see it wheeled away to the kitchens for it's butchering. That said, it was delicious, if I'd had a pen and paper in hand rather than champagne, maybe I'd have kept a tally of each guest who had over 5 slices. Truth be told, I think someone reached double digits.
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